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New Living Room


We recently moved to a tiny town. It is the smallest town either of us have ever lived in. There is no traffic light or fast food but the scenery is pretty nice.

The house we are living in (with a garage and a shed) has less than half the square feet of the home and garage we left. In order to keep this small space orderly and neat, everything needs an assigned spot. Organization is a must.

Before we moved I had two moving sales. Once we arrived at the new house, we unloaded everything, and anything that would not fit in the house went to the garage. Then I had a garage sale and donated most everything that did not sell. At the old house I had a bedroom that I used as a storage room (filled mostly with seasonal decor). One side of the garage is now used like that room.


Something that has been fun is seeing old items in a new space. The rug and record player from the dining room, the wingback chairs and side table from the master bedroom, and the ottoman, lamp, and decor from the den are now being used in the living room. I am using the trunk that was in the guest room as a coffee table for the time being. My mom gave me a couple of cow hide rugs so I layered this one in the living room.

Other than a new coffee table and new curtains, this area of the house is pretty much done. I like the mix of patterns and styles with the wood burning stove and cabin style ceiling and walls. I am still waiting for my new dining table. If we purchase the home, I will have a few light fixtures to replace, a few projects, some pictures to hang, and some exterior painting to do.


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