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Exterior Before & After

The inexpensive way to makeover a house, paint. Instead of buying new garage doors, new exterior doors, and replacing the roof, my dad came to visit and got to work. He and Matt replaced the door handles, light fixtures, weather stripping, and painted the interior and exterior sides of the doors, trim, and garage doors.



My mom found a sprig similar to the color of the roof and that is how we matched the paint for the doors. We got paint similar to the color of the cedar siding to paint the garage doors.

Mixing in some modern style light fixtures and door handles with the rustic exterior made this tiny house look a little more interesting. I am hoping next year I can work on the landscaping. We (mostly Matt) did a lot of clean up. We moved some rocks but nothing major this year.

The interior is coming along. Mixing modern, Asian, and traditional styles with the rustic wood walls and finishes. It’s also officially fall, so I am attempting to work a few pumpkins into the mix.

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