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Christmas Decorations

This year, not much changed with the red and silver areas of the house. I decorated less upstairs in the den but added some color to the garland on the banisters. I used some of the bells I purchased from Etsy upstairs and moved a few things around.


Last year I used silver candlesticks, votives, a red and cream striped table runner, pinecones, and white poinsettia arrangement on the coffee table. I’d been collecting silver Christmas decor for years. After Christmas 2018, my mom and I found a lot of red and silver ornaments at TJMaxx so in 2019 I added red to my silver tree. I bought tons of green stems and picks, red berries, red ribbon, and a silver star topper.

I wrapped all of Matt’s birthday presents in red and white paper so it matched but it wasn’t technically, “Christmas wrapping paper.” I was pretty happy with this area of the house last year.


Along with some pinecones, I added some of my shiny silver and mercury glass ornaments to the kitchen display cabinet. But other than that not much changed in the kitchen this year.

I found this cute “Merry Merry” Christmas towel at a local hardware store last year. I ordered the chinoiserie wreath towel from Etsy.

I repurposed my paperwhites, adding cypress picks, pinecones, and a red bow. The only red velvet ribbon I could find did not have wire, so my bows this year are not wonderful. Plus it is kind of difficult to tie a bow around a cylindrical object.

Last year my grandmother gave me these glittery red balls in different sizes. This year I decided to add a little more color and texture to the stairwell garland with some red berry picks.

The den is a little less festive this year. I moved the poinsettia floral arrangement to the side table, threw some bells on the table, put my snow globe that my grandfather gave me on the other side table, and put a couple of the silver ornaments my mom sent to me on the media cabinet.

I tied red bows on my foo dog table lamps and added a little silver mesh that I had to the tree this year. I set a few mercury glass votives around. But all in all, nothing new.

This room is difficult to photograph. It looks so dark and warm-toned. As my friend across the street recently mentioned, it is really difficult to take a good picture of a tree. It looks a lot better in person.


Front Door Christmas Decor

Last year I purchased this flocked garland from Pier 1 and I added some flocked picks and pine picks to a wreath I had made a couple of years ago. I did not add any color, keeping it neutral. It was boring, so as my mother suggested, this year I added color.

I found some red berry picks and red velvet ribbon. I had planned to drape two strands of the red ribbon on the garland but it was too wide, so I just tied a strand on each side.

I also had two little black planters with mini Christmas trees beside the door last year but I decided the planters were too small.

I thought about bringing out my blue and white fish bowl planters and putting mini Christmas trees in them with red bows but since I have the little juniper trees right by the door, I think the garland and wreath will do.

Mailbox Christmas Decor Inspiration

Last year I wanted to decorate the mailbox but I did not do it. This year, I am. Hopefully I will find a way to secure limbs, pinecones, picks and a bow to the brick. I am hoping I can buy real tree limbs. I may ask one of my neighbors if I can have a few magnolia branches.

So other than my mailbox decor plans, I need one more spotlight but for the most part, I think I am done with the exterior decorations.

Christmas Patio

During past holiday seasons, I purchased burlap and rustic Christmas decor to use along with my collections of pinecones, acorns, cotton stems, galvanized buckets, and magnolia stems. Last year I used my rustic Christmas decor on the back patio. But this year, with all my black and cream decor, I just added a few touches of Christmas.

I found a cute doormat to layer over the tan woven rug at Pier 1 last year.

I found this cute sign at Kirklands this year.

It matches the pillow cover I used in the rocking chair.

I hung the magnolia wreath on the garage door.

I also found a cute Christmas garden flag last year on Amazon.

I will be decorating the front of the house next. I am adding red ribbon and red berry picks to everything since last year the front looked a little plain.