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Neutral Patio Decor

I have really enjoyed decorating the patio area. I have a few things for spring and summer and I went all out for fall, purchasing pillow covers, signs, a floral arrangement, and lighted ceramic pumpkins. Since I decided to move away from the burlap and farmhouse style Christmas decor, I decided to use all of it on the patio. I just purchased a Christmas garden flag and two pillow covers. After Christmas I realized that I did not have any decor for winter.

My spring and fall decor coordinates with Colter’s sofa cushions but when purchasing Christmas decor, I just ignored the brightly colored fabric and found pillow covers in red and green. I continued ignoring the bright fabric when searching for the winter decor. My mom purchased the cream and black “Just Chillin” pillow for me when we first moved in so I brought it back out and decided to carry the black and cream to the rest of the patio.

I found the inexpensive cream and black pillow covers on Amazon. They would probably look better with the cream cushions that came with the chairs but those cushions are difficult to keep clean. I brought back the tic-tac-toe board that my aunt made. The Christmas cactus that my other aunt gave me is still blooming and adds some color to the patio.

If you are looking for outdoor lanterns without glass, good luck. These are the only ones I could find. I am sure the glass on an outdoor lantern is pretty tough but this is the dog’s patio where we play fetch and run around on a regular basis.

My aim is not too good and like me, my dog is a bit clumsy so it is best that we avoid anything with glass out there. All of these glassless lanterns also use battery powered outdoor candles. The smaller lanterns have candles with a remote control.

My mint plant took a hit one cold night but it seems to be making a quick recovery. The mint and basil have hung in there but based on my current record I am not sure if I will be potting many more outdoor plants. I am happy to report my pansies out front are really happy and my agapanthuses are perking up as well.

I am liking all these lanterns and the neutral decor. I brought back the dragonfly flag, which will probably stay through spring. I want to find a cute bright flag for summer.


Makeover Update: Den

Well, I knew it. I knew if I did not paint the den right when we moved in, it would not get done. I lied to myself prior to getting the sofa, thinking I would paint before it was delivered. I didn’t paint. I’m pretty sure I’m not going to anytime soon or ever. I just don’t feel like. It’s just too messy.

The walls do not look as warm in person. They are warmer than I would like, but they aren’t lime green so I don’t feel like if I do not paint, I will go crazy. The space has turned into an eclectic mix of Asian, traditional, and rustic decor. Most everything is from family members or homemade.

The sofa turned out great. It is aesthetically pleasing and comfortable. We have spent a lot of time in the den watching TV and taking naps (well, Matt takes naps).

If the decor wasn’t given to me by a family member, it most likely came from TJMaxx or Homegoods. The media cabinet, floor lamp, and baskets came from Target .

The mirror and footstool came from Target. The horse came from ZGallery and the other items are from my aunt and grandmother. I want new lamps eventually but these still work so they are fine for now.

All in all, I’m pretty happy with the room. It’s nice having a place to sit around and watch TV. Yeah, I would like wood floor too but right now, everything seems to work pretty well together.

Silver and Gold: Dining Room Christmas Decor

Well I am missing a couple of little gold Christmas trees (Target has failed me), but I think I’m done with the dining room. I found these little gold deer back in October on TJMaxx online. The silver antler candlesticks are from TJMaxx (about three years ago) and the table runner (that needs to be ironed) and napkins are from Target.

All the mercury glass trees came from TJMaxx and Homegoods (from different years) and I purchased more of the mercury glass votives from West Elm. I found four silver hammered napkin rings and four silver shiny napkin rings so I just used them together. I am not crazy about the plates because they are too casual but I can easily use them since they are stoneware and they coordinate well with the gold on the table.

I had some magnolias sitting around so I decided to use them as a centerpiece. I found this floral arrangement for $600 and attempted to recreate it. My mom had some budding stems and I need more but I haven’t been able to find them. The large blooms are grouped together on this side of the arrangement and the stems don’t stretch wide enough. I know it still needs a lot of work but I just had to walk away.

I am definitely not happy with this tree. I started from almost scratch. I did not want to spend hundreds of dollars to fill it. I am planning to do a little after Christmas shopping to find more gold ornaments and filler for half price.

Some of the ornaments were old ones my grandmother used to use and the rest were purchased at Hobby Lobby, Homegoods, World Market, and Michael’s. I need some green stems, some big gold balls, and a few more gold picks.

My mom bought this wrapping paper from TJMaxx last year and I used it to wrap the presents they sent home with me while I was visiting over Thanksgiving. I used some floral stems that I had sitting around (I had used them as door swags a few years ago and then dismantled) and purchased some gold wired ribbon to finish the packages.

In October I was perusing the Ballard Designs website and found these pine and gold glittered trees and wreath on clearance. I got them for almost 80% off. The wreath is much heavier than I anticipated so I was unable to hang it on the gold mirror in the dining room. I just had to hang it on the study doors. I may figure out a different way to use it next year.

I am not totally happy with this area of the house but it’s December 21st. I’ll do better next year.