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Ruggable Review

I needed a rug for the entryway and because of the depth of the antique console a runner would not work. I originally picked out a rug made by Magnolia Home. The Magnolia Home rugs are comparable in price to retailers like Pottery Barn but the particular rug I found and a number of other rugs made by Magnolia Home received a lot of negative reviews regarding the quality.

My mother had mentioned Ruggable and I was seeing a lot of ads online for the brand so I thought I would do a little research. Ruggable makes washable rugs that consist of two pieces, a pad and a cover. The pad is rubber and the cover sticks to the textured top. This two-piece system is less expensive than a regular rug and since the cover can be removed and washed in the washing machine I thought a Ruggable rug would work great at the front door. You can vacuum the rug (on a hard floor setting), you can wash the rug, and it still feels similar to a regular rug.

Ruggable carries a wide variety of rug styles and sizes including runners and rugs as large as 8×10. I purchased the 5×7 Cambria Sapphire cover and pad because the colors appeared to be similar to the dining room rug. The Cambria Sapphire is a bit more than tan that I expected but I think it coordinates with the dining room rug nicely.

I am pleased with the purchase so far. I haven’t had to wash it yet so I have no experience with the durability but based on the reviews it seems that these rugs hold up well. The nice thing is that you can buy other covers so if you get bored with one cover or overtime, if the cover is in a high traffic area and does start to show signs of wear and tear, you can replace the cover at a significantly lower cost than a regular rug.

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