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Mercury Glass Tablescape

Are you tired of seeing posts about this table yet? No matter what it is, I am never fully happy with any decorating arrangement. I revisit decorated areas of my house constantly, moving and shifting items. Eventually, I get bored and just tell myself to walk away and move on to something else. Professional designers, decorators, and other people who happen to be born with the decorator’s eye can just throw together a vignette, a tablescape, or an entire room and it looks natural, effortless, and stylish. I tend to overthink everything. I decorate an area and walk away and then I walk back by and move something or stand a stare at the area, rethinking my initial arrangement. In some cases, you just do not have a choice but to walk away and leave the arrangement because you have no other options (which is probably the ideal situation for my overactive brain). In the past year, I have rethought, rearranged, and revisited every room in my house. I have settled on most areas but …

Fall Wreath Revisit

I kept staring at my front door wreath, thinking it was not full enough. I was bored this weekend so I added an additional piece of green garland and a few more eucalyptus picks. CURRENT BEFORE I like the wreath with more fullness. The door is wide enough that the fuller wreath doesn’t overwhelm or cover too much. All I know for sure is that I am looking forward to cooler weather so I can paint this door and switch out the door knob.

Patio Fall Decor

I have never decorated for fall before and I haven’t purchased real pumpkins in probably ten years. I have plans to purchase a few pumpkins in multiple sizes to put around the backdoor and the swing on the patio. I am pretty excited about the pumpkins. When I visited Hobby Lobby and Michael’s to purchase stems and greenery for my fall floral arrangement, I noticed all the cutesy fall decorations. The outdoor sofa cushions are red and orange so I figured decor in the typical fall colors would look just fine. Throughout my fall decor quest, I found all kinds of pillow covers, ceramic pumpkins, and decorative signs. A lot of store were having sales on fall decor like Kirklands, Joann Fabrics, Hobby Lobby, and Michael’s. I actually purchased these terracotta pumpkins from Target but the pumpkins were not properly wrapped for shipment so when I opened the box, both pumpkins inside were crushed into hundreds of pieces so I had to find some replacements. These are from Joann Fabrics and have LED lights. Along …