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Exterior Fall Decor

Last year I wanted something that would show up on the front door and would coordinate with the interior decor. I found white pumpkin picks at Hobby Lobby, as well as eucalyptus garland, deep blue flowers, and white floral stems.

Instead of purchasing a new straw or vine wreath, I dug out an old grapevine wreath I had made years ago and had never used. I used fishing line to secure the pinecones and the garland. The wreath did not look full enough so I went back later and added some additional eucalyptus garland and willow vine garland.

Since making this wreath last year, I have painted the front door and frame, replaced the door knob and deadbolt, and made pumpkin topiaries to match the wreath. However, the pumpkin topiaries are just too short. So for now, just a wreath will have to do.

The yard is coming along. I have worked with what is there and replaced the plants that have died. I am pretty excited about cooler weather because I am finally going to plant some boxwood shrubs and juniper trees. I am moving my hostas because they hate the front yard.

Matt has made me some planters that I am also going to fill soon. This planter was here when we moved in. I spray painted black and filled it with white asparagus fern, pentas, and vinca. I recently found these cute wooden pumpkins on metal stakes at Hobby Lobby so I put one in this pot and one in the pot of mint.

So the exterior fall decor is complete. I think I am ready for fall. I am definitely ready for cool weather.


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