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Remodeling The New House

We bought a new house. Well, we bought an old house. When I say this house was untouched, I mean it. Walking into it was like walking into 1978. The former owners left tons of random items in the shop, in the yard, and inside the house. We filled one roll-off dumpster of just the stuff they left.

The exterior is next year’s project (siding, front door, garage doors, landscaping, lighting, etc.).


Prepare yourself as you revisit the late 1970s, early 1980s.


Demolition was interesting. I despise carpet, and this carpet was disgusting and not only nailed but stapled to the floor. We found cans in the wall, change under the flooring, and mold. The linoleum floor left lots of glue to scrape, and we filled another roll-off dumpster.

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