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Patio Door Makeover

The old sea foam green back door has been a thorn in my side. My original plan was to install a new dutch door and frame but instead of spending $3000, I spent $50 on paint and liquid masking. It made a huge difference! This back door has been driving me insane since we first moved into the house. It is the original back door, so I understand it is old. It is also the door right off the driveway so I am sure even before us, it was used frequently (we rarely use the front door). The usage and age was definitely showing and it was time to replace it or repaint it.


As I sanded and scraped the door, I found traces of three different colors. It’s an old door but like most things, paint makes things look new. I purchased a new door handle and deadbolt but this old door has issues and the new handle did not work well so I just cleaned the old one and re-installed it. There was paint on the brick from a previous paint job and I could not remove it (so just pretend you can’t see it).

The paint on the frame was starting to peel so I peeled and sanded it off. Matt removed the weather stripping and strike plates.


The best decision I made was purchasing the Liquid Masking H20. It made painting the panels so easy.


You do not want to apply this too thin because then you will have to scrape it off after it dries. You want a decently thick layer (maybe three thin strokes thick) so that when it dries you can peel it off in one big sheet.



The paint I used was Modern Masters Express Yourself Satin Water-Based Front Door Paint. It dried really fast. I prefer using a small roller versus a paint brush. I used a small paint brush for the panels and spots I missed.


Matt used a razor blade to cut around each panel and the mask peeled off like saran wrap.


Of course Colter was there as my assistant.

Wish us luck on painting the other side of this door and the front door!

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