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Make Your Own Art

Window Picture

I believe the best fine art photography is created with a camera manually controlled, with film and prints processed in a darkroom. However, most of us do not have access to a darkroom so digital photography is our only option. But a good photograph doesn’t require a fancy camera (SLR) or knowledge of Adobe Photoshop. Even using a regular digital camera, you can utilize the rules and ideas established by past photographers.

6 Tips to Making Your Own Art

  1. Cropping with your eye while taking a photo instead of using your computer’s “cropping” tool afterward will assist in good composition.
  2. Choosing interesting subject matter. Interesting in reference to line, shape, viewpoint, symmetry vs. asymmetry, pattern, depth of field, the rule of thirds, balance and framing. Also included is finding interesting ways to capture emotion.
  3. Avoiding the cliché photograph. You shouldn’t have to turn your camera at a weird angle or make certain areas black and white while other areas in the same photo are in color to make the photo interesting. Add intrigue and uniqueness with interesting subject matter and depth of field.
  4. There are more fine art photographers than just Ansel Adams. Do your research, get inspired. Create a homage to an artist you admire. This doesn’t mean just copy other photographers. You have your own brain, use it (this applies in life as well). Thinking for yourself is part of the fun.
  5. Think of interesting ways to create a photograph. Create a self portrait without taking a photo of yourself. Create a portrait without taking a photo of that person.
  6. If you prefer black and white over color photography, and you are going to use a digital camera, you need good photo software to avoid a grey photograph. The settings on your camera and your already installed photo software will only give you high contrast or grey photos. You will have to work on your photos to make them quality black and white. But no digital printer will ever achieve a true black/white/grey contrast and quality you will achieve with a silver gelatin print.

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