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Mercury Glass Tablescape

Are you tired of seeing posts about this table yet? No matter what it is, I am never fully happy with any decorating arrangement. I revisit decorated areas of my house constantly, moving and shifting items. Eventually, I get bored and just tell myself to walk away and move on to something else. Professional designers, decorators, and other people who happen to be born with the decorator’s eye can just throw together a vignette, a tablescape, or an entire room and it looks natural, effortless, and stylish. I tend to overthink everything. I decorate an area and walk away and then I walk back by and move something or stand a stare at the area, rethinking my initial arrangement. In some cases, you just do not have a choice but to walk away and leave the arrangement because you have no other options (which is probably the ideal situation for my overactive brain). In the past year, I have rethought, rearranged, and revisited every room in my house. I have settled on most areas but …

White Pumpkin Fall Tablescape

I broke apart the original floral arrangement and made two smaller arrangements. I took the greenery from the kitchen table centerpiece and some of the greenery from the original floral arrangement and placed it on top of the navy blue table runner. I purchased three large white pumpkins from Hobby Lobby and added in the other smaller white pumpkins and navy pumpkins purchased previously. I did not change too much on the foyer table. I added one of the smaller floral arrangements and switched out the pillars with taller candlesticks. I also switched out the navy pumpkins for white.   I have now moved on to decorating the back patio. I have found cute fall pillows and other decorations in typical fall colors. I am looking forward to pumpkins going on sale so I can finish up my patio decorating and share photos.

Mauve, Navy, And Blush Fall Tablescape

We did not move into our new home until mid-Novemeber. Instead of unpacking and organizing all the Christmas decor, I started decorating for Christmas as I found decor. I have never decorated for the fall season before so I was starting completely from scratch. Of course I went to Pinterest first to find some inspiration. I have all the blue and white decor so I wanted to see how other people mix fall colors in with their chinoiserie accents. The rugs in the dining room and foyer are colorful but mostly burgundy and navy blue so I wanted to avoid the orange and other typical “fall colors.” I found a couple of fall floral arrangements using mauve, peach, navy blue, and deep red. I skipped the peach but liked the mix of soft pale colors and deep moody blues. I went to Hobby Lobby first. I found white pumpkins, pumpkin picks, greenery picks with tiny pinecones, eucalyptus garland, and navy blue pumpkins. Hobby Lobby’s “fall floral” was limited to typical fall colors as well as …