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Spring Floral

It feels like spring around here. We are still working on the half bathroom and the master bathroom and laundry room will have a few minor updates. The goal is to be done with those projects by April. The next big project is the front yard landscaping. I am planning to paint the front door and replace the door handle (finally).

I have a bin in my storage room labeled “FLORAL” and I decided to use the garland and stems that were inside bin. I purchased a grapevine wreath for about $7 from Joann Fabrics and starting searching Pinterest for ideas. I came across this hydrangea wreath and thought I could use the eucalyptus garland I found inside the floral bin in place of their clematis bushels. I do prefer the look of the wreath with the clematis bushels but the eucalyptus will do. I hot-glued everything onto the wreath. I have enough eucalyptus, hydrangeas, and roses to finish the other side but I am warming up to the asymmetrical look.

The next wreath was originally going to be a recreation of a wreath previously featured on the blog that my mom made (I basically just documented it). But since the entire point of this project was to use up the floral stems and garland I already had, my final product looks a little different.

I purchased this birch stick wreath from Joann Fabrics. I can’t decide how I feel about it. It’s hanging on the back patio door, which hopefully, my dad will help me replace at some point this year. The wreath has too much of the same green hydrangea, but again, I just used what was in the bin. I did have some white roses and white peonies but they didn’t look right. I think some white wisterias, lilacs, mums, geranium bushes, or any white clump of small flowers would break up all those green petals. Maybe eventually, I will wander over to Hobby Lobby and pick something up and add it to the wreath.

Another floral project that did not turn out as planned were the potted paperwhites for the dining room table. I know a lot of people plant and display paperwhites at Christmas but I thought they would be fine for my spring tablescape. I ordered two small paperwhites and four larger paperwhites from Amazon. After two weeks, with no delivery, the company cancelled part of my order and then finally shipped the two small paperwhites. I used the craft paper the paperwhites were wrapped in to nestle the bulb inside these blue pots and covered the craft paper with moss.

The paperwhites look pretty real. I had planned to have four in a larger blue and white bowl between the two small pots but since that did not work out, I broke out all the blue and white candlesticks and a few blue and white figurines. I am never satisfied with any tablescape I set up but this will do for now.

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