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Dining Room Christmas Decor

I am much happier with this year’s Christmas decorations. Last year not so much. I did not have enough ornaments or picks, and I did not like my dining room table decor. I did not really like the decorations on my foyer table. This year, I am not completely thrilled with my dining room table but I like my tree. Christmas 2019 I purchased a few things after Christmas 2018. I decided I was going to do silver and gold and in October and November 2019, I scrambled to find inexpensive ornaments and picks to fill the tree. I did not want to spend hundreds of dollars so the tree, table, and china cabinet looked bare. My plan was to do some Christmas decor shopping after Christmas and to my surprise, once I went to TJMaxx/Homegoods and Hobby Lobby, there was nothing left to purchase. My mother, in another state, found all kinds of things at a local craft and decor store. She found tons of greenery, gold and silver ornaments (all sizes), picks, and …

Fall Dining Room

For the record, I am (obviously) not experienced in decorating dining rooms or creating tablescapes. If this blog serves any purpose at all, it is at least a good example of someone who tries to work with and make the best of what they have (without spending much money). Last year was the first time I attempted to decorate for fall. I did not have any fall decorations-not even one pumpkin. Starting completely from scratch was exciting. However, after multiple trips to Hobby Lobby and an order from Joann Fabrics, I realized that no combination of the items I had collected were creating the tablescape I had envisioned. FALL 2019 SHOP THIS POST

Light Fixtures

Imagine you have purchased a home and you are walking room to room making a list of the things you would like to change or update. In my case, and I am assuming in the case of most people, it is not feasible to spend $10,000 at one time changing every little thing. When we were waiting to move in, I would stare at the pictures of our house online everyday, making lists of all the projects I was planning. I wanted to paint all the walls and trim, switch out all the light fixtures, remodel the master bathroom (eventually), and landscape the front yard. I had numerous smaller projects as well like replacing all the plugs, switches, and plates, having the tile and grout professionally cleaned and sealed, installing new toilets, and installing a new backdoor. The weekend we moved in, I felt very overwhelmed. I did not know how I would get through all the boxes. I set a goal: I would have all the boxes unpacked, broken down, and removed from the …