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New House

I read somewhere that when you first move into a house, it is best to perfect one room at a time rather than stressing about trying to decorate the entire house. I have inherited a lot of traditional and Asian style decor and furniture but I still need to purchase a lot of furniture to fill the house. Right now, the dining room, master bedroom, kitchen, and foyer are relatively complete.

Since moving in, we have changed plugs, switches, and their covers. We have installed light fixtures, hung paintings and pictures, installed and changed cabinet knobs, removed curtain rods, and touched up some of the walls and cabinets (it has been tricky identifying paint colors). My parents brought our belongings that had been stored at their house for the last five years and they worked on some of our projects. We have gotten a lot done so far but there are many projects planned.

Eventually, we’d like to paint the walls and trim, install a new tub, and replace some of the flooring, windows and doors. It is tough to not constantly come up with to-do lists for myself and my husband. I have tried to perfect the spaces as they are, not focusing on what I want to change like the floor or the cabinets. But we do have a few upcoming projects like painting cabinets, installing new light fixtures in the dining room and foyer, building shelving in the garage, and building an area outside for the dog.

Currently, I feel that the master bedroom, master bathroom, dining room and foyer (other than the light fixtures), and the kitchen are looking nice and I am pretty happy with them. We are also planning to a lot of landscaping to the front and backyard.

Dining Room

The rug is from Rugs USA.


The large blue and white ginger jar and the lamp are from Homegoods. Some of the bar ware is from TJMaxx and Homegoods.

Gallery Wall




I am really proud of this gallery wall because I hung the pictures all by myself without making a huge mess on the wall (I am normally not the best at hanging things without making unnecessary holes due to measuring wrong or “eyeballing” incorrectly).


The rug is from TJMaxx. The light fixture is from Wayfair. The knobs are from Lowe’s.



Master Bedroom

Picture lights that do not have a plug or are not designed to be installed in the wall are difficult to find. This one came from Amazon. This particular light’s cost changes a lot. Right now it is priced about $20 more than I paid. It comes with a remote and has multiple brightness settings.

I am still in search of bedding. Right now, this will do. The quilt is from Amazon and the linen euro shams are from The Company Store. The rug is from Pottery Barn and the recliner is from Wayfair. The lamps and throw pillows are from TJMaxx or Homegoods. I got a great deal on the garden stool from Michaels. I suggest waiting till they have another sale.

Master Bathroom

The rugs are from Rugs.Com The towels and apothecary jars are from TJMaxx and Homegoods.

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