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Fall Wreath

The day I made the mauve, navy, and blush floral arrangement, I also made the front door wreath. I wanted something that would show up on the black door and would coordinate with the interior decor. I found white pumpkin picks at Hobby Lobby, as well as eucalyptus garland, deep blue flowers, and white floral stems. Instead of purchasing a new straw or vine wreath, I dug out an old grapevine wreath I had made years ago and had never used. I used fishing line to secure the pinecones (I raided my Christmas pinecone stash) and the garland. Since these pictures were taken, I have added a little more greenery to the wreath just to cover the bare spots and give it a little more fullness.

Making Pillows: Advice For Those Who Don’t Sew Well

I value efficiency and I hate wasting time. Having said that, I have made a few pillows. I am sure you know how to make pillows, so I am not providing a tutorial on how to make a pillow. I am going to tell you what I learned making pillows. LESSON 1: Listen To Your Mother It’s not that I didn’t believe my mother when she said, “If you use the stuffing rather than a pillow insert, it won’t look as good.” It’s just that I didn’t find an insert and I settled for the stuffing. So, look harder for the inserts.  Look online and deal with the sizes they come in. I couldn’t find the lumbar insert in the store but they exist and I could have bought one online. LESSON 2: Practice Cutting And Sewing In A Straight Line Yes, I can’t cut in a straight line. I have good scissors too- it’s not their fault. I sew pretty straight but sometimes I get heavy on the pedal, and my line gets a little …


Planting Succulents So let me begin by saying, I have no idea what I am doing. I have wanted to plant real succulents for years but for whatever reason, they really intimidate me. I finally decided I was going to plant at least three this summer so when I visited World Market, I was happy to finally purchase the terrarium I had been eyeing for the last year. Of course I visited Pinterest for information and then went to a couple of home improvement stores to price the different kinds and sizes of succulents. First of all, succulents are expensive. Second, there are a lot of different kinds. I knew I would at least leave with one echeveria (rose-like succulent). I left with four. Third, succulents are delicate so be careful when handling them because chances are you’re going to break off a leaf/stem/bud/petal/piece. Echeveria “Lola,” Echeveria Marzarine/Echeveria Hybrid, Pachyphytum Oviferum (I think it is Pachyphytum Oviferum)   Pachyveria “Little Jewel”   I used glass gems (the kind typically used for fake floral arrangements) because …