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Summer Updates

Time really does fly. We have lived in the house now for almost 9 months. We have a few more projects planned for this year, which include replacing the light on the front porch and finishing the backyard drainage project. I would also like to replace the backdoor and door frame. It has become clear that Colter has no interest in the swimming pool. We decided to take down the black mesh fence left by the previous owners and the wooden fence Matt built that surrounded the pool. Colter got his own pool. We had all three of the tall palm trees removed. Matt also completed phase one and two of the drainage project. In addition to installing pipes and drains that that tie into the French drain and remove rainwater from the backyard, he also repaired the sprinkler system, moved and replaced all the rock on the other side of the pool with sod, and removed the metal fence blocking off the left side of the house. The backyard looks much better. Phase three …

More House Updates

The next project is the backyard drainage, fence, and yard. The upstairs living room is coming together. We just need to purchase a sofa and a media cabinet. We will be replacing the light fixture on the front porch next month but no other electrical improvements are planned right now. Here are few updates. We have never had palm trees. They have proved expensive to maintain. They make for a pretty view from the pool, but I’m not sure if the view is worth it. Wicker Accent Table I Outdoor Rug Just Chillin’ Pillow I Home Sweet Home Sign Three Piece Bistro Set I Outdoor Rug Dragonfly Garden Flag I Flag Stand Lucca Chandelier I Piedmont 4-Light Lantern Rust Tribal Medallion Temptation Rug I Cambria Sapphire Rug The guest bedroom has finally come together. The room is rather small with high ceilings so originally I wanted a canopy bed but my mother pointed out that it was too small of a space for that kind of bed. I think the room looks nice and satisfied …

Backyard Projects

In addition to inside projects, we have been working on the backyard as well. When we started looking for our first home, a big backyard was one of our priorities because we have an 85 pound dog. Our realtor found this home and even though it did not have the big open backyard, we really loved it and we liked the covered patio and pool, which we have really enjoyed and our dog seems to be pretty happy with it too. The pool has required some work but I’m sure we and the dog will appreciate it when it’s 90 degrees. Initial Updates The portion of the yard with the pool was fenced in but that included the grassy areas so we needed to fence in just the pool not an entire portion of the yard. So my husband built a wooden fence to meet up with the mesh fence the former owners put up, only blocking off the pool (eventually, he will replace the mesh fencing with more wooden fencing). In order to transition …

How To Build A Doghouse

     This house is two pieces. The roof sits on top of the base in between the front and back trim. You can lift the top portion off which we do occasionally in order to clean out the dirt and leaves. The top portion has a triangle shape piece of wood in the front and back. Two pieces of wood sit on top of those two pieces, meeting in the middle The shingles are stapled on to those two pieces. We stained the house, painted the trim white, and stapled a piece of carpet to the base inside.    

Sewing Project

Caroline loves her new patio bed. I used outdoor fabric and polyester stuffing. In case you don’t know how to make pillows, here are instructions. Sew two equal size pieces of fabric together (inside facing outward). Leave a hole large enough (approximately 3 inches) to reach your hand in. Push the fabric through the 3 inch hole so that the outward side of the material shows. Then insert the stuffing and hand sew the hole.