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Front Door Christmas Decor

Last year I purchased this flocked garland from Pier 1 and I added some flocked picks and pine picks to a wreath I had made a couple of years ago. I did not add any color, keeping it neutral. It was boring, so as my mother suggested, this year I added color.

I found some red berry picks and red velvet ribbon. I had planned to drape two strands of the red ribbon on the garland but it was too wide, so I just tied a strand on each side.

I also had two little black planters with mini Christmas trees beside the door last year but I decided the planters were too small.

I thought about bringing out my blue and white fish bowl planters and putting mini Christmas trees in them with red bows but since I have the little juniper trees right by the door, I think the garland and wreath will do.

Mailbox Christmas Decor Inspiration

Last year I wanted to decorate the mailbox but I did not do it. This year, I am. Hopefully I will find a way to secure limbs, pinecones, picks and a bow to the brick. I am hoping I can buy real tree limbs. I may ask one of my neighbors if I can have a few magnolia branches.

So other than my mailbox decor plans, I need one more spotlight but for the most part, I think I am done with the exterior decorations.

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