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Half Bathroom Remodel Complete

It’s done! I just need a soap dispenser and a fancy towel. You may look at this and think, “that looks nice.” So let me remind you what this room looked like before.


Matt replaced the toilet last year but that was the only update we had done. The room was so dark and dingy. No matter how it was decorated, it was ugly. The cabinets, trim, and countertop had yellowed. It needed a makeover. I quickly recognized that a coat of paint would not be enough. The cabinet had to go too.

Each stage of the demo brought a new issue to light. Removing the mirror-wall damage, remove the old sheetrock and replace. Removing the cabinet-more wall damage and bare concrete, repair sheetrock and add six more pieces of tile.  Move the toilet-water damage from old toilet leaks, repair sheetrock. While my Dad was in town he replaced the plumbing in the wall and installed an utility sink in the laundry room (on the other side of the wall).

Matt is happy it is all over and is looking forward to some fun woodworking projects.  Of course he is not completely happy. He wishes he had just replaced all the sheetrock, squaring up the room, and removed all the title and laid new flooring. I think it looks great!

The prints, top painting, and bottom painting came from Esty.

The mirror, towel ring , and tissue holder came from Ballard Designs.

Check out these smooth walls, and the smooth ceiling.

The vanity came from Wayfair. I replaced the silver knobs with gold knobs from Ikea. The faucet is the second faucet. The first was a less expensive purchase from Home Depot. It turned out to be defective. Thankfully this was discovered before the vanity was in the tiny room and the faucet was hooked up to the plumbing from the wall. I was trying to cut costs. Just bite the bullet and buy Delta (as my mother said) or Moen.

The one bad thing is that looking at this freshly painted room just reinforces what I already know, all the trim and walls need to be painted in the rest of the house.

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