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Neutral Patio Decor

I have really enjoyed decorating the patio area. I have a few things for spring and summer and I went all out for fall, purchasing pillow covers, signs, a floral arrangement, and lighted ceramic pumpkins. Since I decided to move away from the burlap and farmhouse style Christmas decor, I decided to use all of it on the patio. I just purchased a Christmas garden flag and two pillow covers. After Christmas I realized that I did not have any decor for winter. My spring and fall decor coordinates with Colter’s sofa cushions but when purchasing Christmas decor, I just ignored the brightly colored fabric and found pillow covers in red and green. I continued ignoring the bright fabric when searching for the winter decor. My mom purchased the cream and black “Just Chillin” pillow for me when we first moved in so I brought it back out and decided to carry the black and cream to the rest of the patio. I found the inexpensive cream and black pillow covers on Amazon. They would …

Christmas Patio: Farmhouse Style

During past holiday seasons, I purchased a lot of burlap and rustic Christmas decor to use along with my collections of pinecones, acorns, cotton stems, galvanized buckets, and magnolia stems. Since I am no longer decorating in that style inside, I decided to use the the rustic Christmas trees and burlap on the back patio. I found Christmas pillow covers similar to the fall covers I recently purchased and a cute doormat to layer over the tan woven rug. All the burlap string trees came from Target’s dollar section. The darker brown trees came from Hobby Lobby. I am sure they have something similar now. Unlike the fall decor, the Christmas decor does not match Colter’s sofa cushions but the mix doesn’t bother me. I hung the magnolia wreath on the back door and placed a mini Christmas tree wrapped in burlap material inside a decorative bucket next to my potted mint plant. I really hate that strange blue door and I am hoping to replace it and the door frame soon. We are eventually …

Christmas Foyer

The foyer houses a few antique-store-finds and hand-me-downs. I found the old potato basket and wood folding chair at antique stores in North Dakota. The table belonged to my grandmother and my mom bought the rug for me almost ten years ago from Lowe’s, which I think I am eventually going to replace with this cream/dark grey rug. The jute twine Christmas trees came from the bargain section at Target and could easily be made with styrofoam or paper mache cones, a glue gun, and some twine. West Elm Table Runner //  Weathered Seaboard Table Lamps // Glitter Twine Trees On Stands // Faux Leather Ottoman // Ottoman // Red and Cream Framed Floral 5 x 7 Rug // 2″ Burlap Ribbon // 2.5″ Burlap Ribbon Artificial Unlit Christmas Tree // Burlap // Basket // Wood Folding Chair Save