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Patio Door Makeover

The old sea foam green back door has been a thorn in my side. My original plan was to install a new dutch door and frame but instead of spending $3000, I spent $50 on paint and liquid masking. It made a huge difference! This back door has been driving me insane since we first moved into the house. It is the original back door, so I understand it is old. It is also the door right off the driveway so I am sure even before us, it was used frequently (we rarely use the front door). The usage and age was definitely showing and it was time to replace it or repaint it. BEFORE As I sanded and scraped the door, I found traces of three different colors. It’s an old door but like most things, paint makes things look new. I purchased a new door handle and deadbolt but this old door has issues and the new handle did not work well so I just cleaned the old one and re-installed it. There …

Christmas Foyer

The foyer houses a few antique-store-finds and hand-me-downs. I found the old potato basket and wood folding chair at antique stores in North Dakota. The table belonged to my grandmother and my mom bought the rug for me almost ten years ago from Lowe’s, which I think I am eventually going to replace with this cream/dark grey rug. The jute twine Christmas trees came from the bargain section at Target and could easily be made with styrofoam or paper mache cones, a glue gun, and some twine. West Elm Table Runner //  Weathered Seaboard Table Lamps // Glitter Twine Trees On Stands // Faux Leather Ottoman // Ottoman // Red and Cream Framed Floral 5 x 7 Rug // 2″ Burlap Ribbon // 2.5″ Burlap Ribbon Artificial Unlit Christmas Tree // Burlap // Basket // Wood Folding Chair Save

Christmas Season Begins

Christmas is in full swing here and rather than just posting pictures of decorations, I thought it would be helpful to provide links to the items (or similar items) I used. I purchased the faux fur throw blanket, toss pillows, cement Buddha head, and Fitz and Floyd three-wick candle at TJ Maxx. The taper candles and votive candles came from Homegoods. However, TJ Maxx and Homegoods is always hit or miss and the pewter taper candle holders came from an antique store in Georgia so here are links to the same or similar items sold at other stores. Also, if you have a West Elm near you, check their clearance section. This table runner is sold online for $14.99 but I found two in the clearance section for $2.99 each. West Elm Mercury Glass Hexagon Candleholders / West Elm Table Runner / Artificial White Poinsettias / Six Inch Silver Plated Pedestal Bowl / Pewter Taper Candleholder / Faux Fur Throw Blanket / Cream Textured Square Pillows / Embroidered Lumbar Toss Pillow, Off-White Lumbar Pillow With Decorative …