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Fall Dining Room

For the record, I am (obviously) not experienced in decorating dining rooms or creating tablescapes. If this blog serves any purpose at all, it is at least a good example of someone who tries to work with and make the best of what they have (without spending much money). Last year was the first time I attempted to decorate for fall. I did not have any fall decorations-not even one pumpkin. Starting completely from scratch was exciting. However, after multiple trips to Hobby Lobby and an order from Joann Fabrics, I realized that no combination of the items I had collected were creating the tablescape I had envisioned. FALL 2019 SHOP THIS POST

New Home Updates

We have made a lot of updates to the house. New plugs, plates, light switches and light fixtures have made a huge difference. Touching up paint on the walls, doors, and cabinets, installing new toilets, cabinet knobs, new door stops and air exchanger covers, plus deep cleaning the tile and grout, wiping down the walls, and many other projects have kept us busy. I still need to paint the bathroom cabinets, install a new backdoor, paint trim and the ceiling, but for now, the inside projects are at a stopping point. CHANDELIER / TABLE RUNNER / SILVER CHARGERS / NAPKINS / RUG After extensive shopping for a floral arrangement for the dining room, I decided to make my own using green hydrangeas, white peonies, and white roses I purchased previously. PIEDMONT 4-LIGHT LANTERN GOLD FRAME / THIN GOLD FRAME I was not crazy about the gold gallery wall in the living room so I took those pictures down and hung them separately in the hallways. PICTURE LIGHT Our focus is now on the outside of …

New House

I read somewhere that when you first move into a house, it is best to perfect one room at a time rather than stressing about trying to decorate the entire house. I have inherited a lot of traditional and Asian style decor and furniture but I still need to purchase a lot of furniture to fill the house. Right now, the dining room, master bedroom, kitchen, and foyer are relatively complete. Since moving in, we have changed plugs, switches, and their covers. We have installed light fixtures, hung paintings and pictures, installed and changed cabinet knobs, removed curtain rods, and touched up some of the walls and cabinets (it has been tricky identifying paint colors). My parents brought our belongings that had been stored at their house for the last five years and they worked on some of our projects. We have gotten a lot done so far but there are many projects planned. Eventually, we’d like to paint the walls and trim, install a new tub, and replace some of the flooring, windows and …