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Print Your Photos

Once I lived in a world without digital photography. I had to use a disposable camera or a camera with 35mm film and the only way to see the photos I took was by printing them. Living in this digital world, less and less photos are being printed. People relive and share their memories by blogging about them, uploading them to their personal website, or posting them on their social media pages. I love blogging and sharing but I also love printed photos. When my brother and sister-in-law got married, I started looking for a website to design an album of their big day for my mother and grandmother. I found tons of websites in all price ranges providing user-friendly ways to create photo albums. However, the one I liked best was Artifact Uprising. The products Artifact Uprising produce are elegant, crisp, clean, classic, and refined. They also use recycled and reclaimed materials. The company was founded in 2012 by two sisters, both photographers, and along with their photographic eye, they obviously have an eye …

Christmas Foyer

The foyer houses a few antique-store-finds and hand-me-downs. I found the old potato basket and wood folding chair at antique stores in North Dakota. The table belonged to my grandmother and my mom bought the rug for me almost ten years ago from Lowe’s, which I think I am eventually going to replace with this cream/dark grey rug. The jute twine Christmas trees came from the bargain section at Target and could easily be made with styrofoam or paper mache cones, a glue gun, and some twine. West Elm Table Runner //  Weathered Seaboard Table Lamps // Glitter Twine Trees On Stands // Faux Leather Ottoman // Ottoman // Red and Cream Framed Floral 5 x 7 Rug // 2″ Burlap Ribbon // 2.5″ Burlap Ribbon Artificial Unlit Christmas Tree // Burlap // Basket // Wood Folding Chair Save