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Christmas Decorations

I tried to wait till after Thanksgiving to decorate but I couldn’t so Thanksgiving was Christmas themed. Decorating is always more fun with friends and in the past I have helped my friends and family decorate their homes. This year my friends and I had a great time decorating. The only thing I purchased this year were three gold deer. I have an entire tree and a lot more decor that I will be giving away because there just isn’t room for anything else. It was fun seeing how my decorations fit in this house. It was also fun seeing how the decorations looked with the new furniture and decor. Photographs do not do Christmas trees justice. This tree looks so full and pretty in person. The ceiling is too low for my finial topper, so I had to improvise with two star ornaments. SHOP THIS POST

Fall Tablescape

Keeping with the earth tones, this year’s fall tablescape is muted and simple. Creams and browns fit this space much better than the orange decor I used last year. I sold a lot of fall decor before moving here and gave away a few things after. I kept the glass and mercury glass pumpkins for the table and china cabinet. Then I put a few glass pumpkins around other parts of the house. I thought I would make it till after Thanksgiving to put up my Christmas decor, but it’s killing me and I’m giving in this weekend. I cannot wait to see this little space bursting with garland, trees, and Christmas colors. SHOP THIS POST

New Living Room

MOVING We recently moved to a tiny town. It is the smallest town either of us have ever lived in. There is no traffic light or fast food but the scenery is pretty nice. The house we are living in (with a garage and a shed) has less than half the square feet of the home and garage we left. In order to keep this small space orderly and neat, everything needs an assigned spot. Organization is a must. Before we moved I had two moving sales. Once we arrived at the new house, we unloaded everything, and anything that would not fit in the house went to the garage. Then I had a garage sale and donated most everything that did not sell. At the old house I had a bedroom that I used as a storage room (filled mostly with seasonal decor). One side of the garage is now used like that room. NEW LIVING ROOM Something that has been fun is seeing old items in a new space. The rug and record …