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Decorating Inspiration

What is currently in the living room? Nothing much. As I mentioned previously, I read somewhere that it is best to focus on one room at a time rather than stressing about furnishing an entire house at once. As of this moment (thanks to my husband’s recent electrical work), the dining room, foyer, master bedroom, master bathroom, kitchen, and laundry room are now basically complete. What’s left? Work is still needed in the living room, study, guest rooms, guest bathroom, half bathroom, upstairs living room, and the pantry (just waiting for the light fixture). A while back, my mom hired an interior designer to come to her house and arrange the furniture and items already on site to best suit the current spaces. While working, the designer said that my mom didn’t really have a specific style, she just likes what she likes. That is definitely the case of this house. There is no specific style throughout but so far, I think it flows pretty well. Because I have inherited a lot of the decor …

Print Your Photos

Once I lived in a world without digital photography. I had to use a disposable camera or a camera with 35mm film and the only way to see the photos I took was by printing them. Living in this digital world, less and less photos are being printed. People relive and share their memories by blogging about them, uploading them to their personal website, or posting them on their social media pages. I love blogging and sharing but I also love printed photos. When my brother and sister-in-law got married, I started looking for a website to design an album of their big day for my mother and grandmother. I found tons of websites in all price ranges providing user-friendly ways to create photo albums. However, the one I liked best was Artifact Uprising. The products Artifact Uprising produce are elegant, crisp, clean, classic, and refined. They also use recycled and reclaimed materials. The company was founded in 2012 by two sisters, both photographers, and along with their photographic eye, they obviously have an eye …

Bar Cart Updates

Once the holidays were over, I took down the door swag hanging over my bar cart. The old French doors looked really plain and so I decided to reframe and mat an old picture of Matt’s. I found a new 16 x 20 frame and had double mat made. In addition to filling the blank space over the bar cart, I think the picture makes the bar cart look a little more masculine. Of course, the polkadot straws and the overall arrangement of barware may counteract the added masculinity. The frame is actually a grey brown with a little metallic sheen. The mat is ecru and the inner mat is called “Tuscan Brown.” I think Matt’s mom found this picture at a garage sale. It appears to be really old. Over the holidays we bought a set of pilsner glasses, some cocktail napkins with an Asian-inspired design, tan and white polkadot straws, and a neat bottle of water from Trader Joes.     Save Save