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Making Pillows: Advice For Those Who Don’t Sew Well

I value efficiency and I hate wasting time. Having said that, I have made a few pillows. I am sure you know how to make pillows, so I am not providing a tutorial on how to make a pillow. I am going to tell you what I learned making pillows. LESSON 1: Listen To Your Mother It’s not that I didn’t believe my mother when she said, “If you use the stuffing rather than a pillow insert, it won’t look as good.” It’s just that I didn’t find an insert and I settled for the stuffing. So, look harder for the inserts.  Look online and deal with the sizes they come in. I couldn’t find the lumbar insert in the store but they exist and I could have bought one online. LESSON 2: Practice Cutting And Sewing In A Straight Line Yes, I can’t cut in a straight line. I have good scissors too- it’s not their fault. I sew pretty straight but sometimes I get heavy on the pedal, and my line gets a little …

Chinoiserie and Rug Inspiration

I have been on the hunt for the perfect rugs to coordinate with all the chinoiserie pieces I have recently acquired. Chinoiserie is the 17th and 18th century Western style of interior design, furniture, pottery, textiles, and garden design that represents fanciful European interpretations of Chinese styles (Encyclopedia Britannica). Both of my grandmothers, my aunt, and my mother have blue and white ceramics in this style throughout their homes. I inherited a lot of pieces from my grandmother and aunt. I have also purchased Chinoiserie-inspired ceramics, planters, lamps, and plates from HomeGoods, antique malls, and Replacements, Ltd. Here are a few articles about Chinoiserie style, in case you were interested: Three Designers Take on Chinoiserie, Everything You Need To Know About Chinoiserie, and 10 Fascinating Facts About Chinoiserie. I think the blue and white pieces look great in contrast with Persian style rugs (I’m especially fond of the medallion patterns). Here is a little Chinoiserie and rug inspiration and some examples of beautifully decorated rooms. Image Sources: [Crush Cul de Sac, Sarah Bartholomew, Becki Owens, Chinoiserie …

Christmas Foyer

The foyer houses a few antique-store-finds and hand-me-downs. I found the old potato basket and wood folding chair at antique stores in North Dakota. The table belonged to my grandmother and my mom bought the rug for me almost ten years ago from Lowe’s, which I think I am eventually going to replace with this cream/dark grey rug. The jute twine Christmas trees came from the bargain section at Target and could easily be made with styrofoam or paper mache cones, a glue gun, and some twine. West Elm Table Runner //  Weathered Seaboard Table Lamps // Glitter Twine Trees On Stands // Faux Leather Ottoman // Ottoman // Red and Cream Framed Floral 5 x 7 Rug // 2″ Burlap Ribbon // 2.5″ Burlap Ribbon Artificial Unlit Christmas Tree // Burlap // Basket // Wood Folding Chair Save