Yellow Wedding InviteSave the Date Calendar

Vertical Invitation- red Save The Date Rectangle Save The Date Circle   Horizontal Invitation-and

Blue Program
    Pink Program        Yellow Program
reply  Reply_larger_initials  Thank You

here_comes_the_bridal_shower    chevron_shower_invite    Brown Invitation

Cupcakes    Here Comes The Bride_blue     Future Mrs Solid

   Shower Love      skinny_chevron      dinner

Future Mrs With Chevron      Shower With Umbrella   rehearsal

Logos, Advertisements, Buttons, Newsletter Covers

Srappa    Go Green

Poster    Newspaper Ad     newsletter_cover2

Poster 2  Drive_Up

newsletter_cover    Large_SD Logo with dateUA Facilities SRAPPA Logo Business Card

new_yellow_logo    Moving1SQdrive_up_sign 3.indd

SD Poster 2    SD Poster 5  Moving2

Circle Design

myBama Graphic

Click here to view slideshow.
Photo Credit: Lisa Marie Bearden



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