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Fall Wreath Revisit

I kept staring at my front door wreath, thinking it was not full enough. I was bored this weekend so I added an additional piece of green garland and a few more eucalyptus picks. CURRENT BEFORE I like the wreath with more fullness. The door is wide enough that the fuller wreath doesn’t overwhelm or cover too much. All I know for sure is that I am looking forward to cooler weather so I can paint this door and switch out the door knob.

Fall Wreath

The day I made the mauve, navy, and blush floral arrangement, I also made the front door wreath. I wanted something that would show up on the black door and would coordinate with the interior decor. I found white pumpkin picks at Hobby Lobby, as well as eucalyptus garland, deep blue flowers, and white floral stems. Instead of purchasing a new straw or vine wreath, I dug out an old grapevine wreath I had made years ago and had never used. I used fishing line to secure the pinecones (I raided my Christmas pinecone stash) and the garland. Since these pictures were taken, I have added a little more greenery to the wreath just to cover the bare spots and give it a little more fullness.

Christmas Wreaths

The magnolia wreath is on the front door.  Word to the wise: don’t mess with this wreath too much because it will drive you nuts. As a perfectionist, I have to just walk away. Use a regular wreath and shove the magnolia branches inside. You can use the pieces of the regular wreath to wrap around the magnolia branches if you need to secure them. This year I have four greenery vine wreaths. One in the living room, one in the foyer, and two in the dining room. Use leftover branches from your real tree or purchase fresh greenery and use the vines of the wreath to secure them by twisting the branches underneath the vines. You can purchase vine wreaths, but I made these with my mom from the scupadine vines my dad cut for us last year.