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Touring Japan Days 3-4 Hakone

HAKONE, JAPAN ACCOMMODATIONS Yamanochaya Ryokan 171 Tounosawa, Hakonemachi, Ashigarashimo-gun, Kanagawa, Japan〒250-0315 One of the experiences most important to me was to stay in a traditional style Japanese home or hotel (ryokan). This ryokan was amazing and depending on your budget, you could really live in luxury for a few days. Tonosawa hot spring is one of the seven great hot springs of Hakone. The Yamanochaya hotel can be found by the bridge that crosses over the Hayakawa River. Tatami floors and futons, balconies with forest and mountain views and open-air deep soaking tubs filled with hot spring water. Bathing in an onsen (public bath house) was another experience I did not want to miss out on. Now, that being said, I am a very modest person and once I was there I really started to second guess my onsen plans. However, at this ryokan, we could reserve a private hour. You were provided with yukata (cotton kimono), and tabi (socks) which you were to wear throughout in the ryokan. RESTAURANTS & FOOD Breakfast and dinner, …

Touring Japan Days 1-3 Tokyo

TOKYO, JAPAN ACCOMMODATIONS APA Hotel Kanda-Jimbocho-Ekihigashi 3-1-22 Kanda Ogawamachi, Tokyo, 〒1001-0052 Japan, Chiyoda Ward Keep in mind, you’re in Tokyo. This was the smallest room I have ever stayed in but it was super clean, the staff was incredibly friendly, and breakfast was amazing. Restaurants & Food Our first meal in Tokyo was at Ramen Thank, which was right down the alley from our hotel. We did not realize that you used a vending machine on the wall to order and pay and the employee helping us did not speak English. I asked, “eigo ga wakarimasu ka” to which he responded, “sukoshi.” It was confirmed, all I had was hand motions and pointing at my disposal. Well, I actually had the Google Translate app on my phone but I was too hungry and jet lagged to remember. He was so nice and suggested ramen dishes for us. Along with our tasty dishes we were given bibs to tie around our necks, which seems to be common practice at noodle shops because it can get a …

Japan Preview

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