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Next Project: Bar Cart

   I have all the glassware, I might as well make a bar. Here is some bar inspiration from some Pinterest. Click here for Photo Credit and Links

Gallery Wall

In an attempt to prevent hundreds of holes in the wall, my mom and I searched and searched for a ladder bookcase with shelves spaced far enough apart that would fit my framed photos. With no luck I did a rough sketch and measurements of a shelving unit that would just lean against the wall (like combining those ladder bookcases and shelves you hang on the wall) and sent it to my dad. He and my mom took my sketch and built and stained this really nice unit that fits all of my photos and looks great.

Make Your Own Art

I believe the best fine art photography is created with a camera manually controlled, with film and prints processed in a darkroom. However, most of us do not have access to a darkroom so digital photography is our only option. But a good photograph doesn’t require a fancy camera (SLR) or knowledge of Adobe Photoshop. Even using a regular digital camera, you can utilize the rules and ideas established by past photographers. 6 Tips to Making Your Own Art Cropping with your eye while taking a photo instead of using your computer’s “cropping” tool afterward will assist in good composition. Choosing interesting subject matter. Interesting in reference to line, shape, viewpoint, symmetry vs. asymmetry, pattern, depth of field, the rule of thirds, balance and framing. Also included is finding interesting ways to capture emotion. Avoiding the cliché photograph. You shouldn’t have to turn your camera at a weird angle or make certain areas black and white while other areas in the same photo are in color to make the photo interesting. Add intrigue and uniqueness …