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Fall Dining Room

For the record, I am (obviously) not experienced in decorating dining rooms or creating tablescapes. If this blog serves any purpose at all, it is at least a good example of someone who tries to work with and make the best of what they have (without spending much money).

Last year was the first time I attempted to decorate for fall. I did not have any fall decorations-not even one pumpkin. Starting completely from scratch was exciting. However, after multiple trips to Hobby Lobby and an order from Joann Fabrics, I realized that no combination of the items I had collected were creating the tablescape I had envisioned.

FALL 2019

Rather than your typical orange and red, I started with an idea to create a fall wreath, centerpiece and tablescape using non-traditional fall colors: navy, mauve, white, and burgundy. I decided eucalyptus would also be an interesting choice (I’m sure Pinterest had something to do with that). My wreath turned out fine. I’m going to use it again this year but the tablescape was less than impressive. I broke apart the first centerpiece and made a floral arrangement for my foyer table and half bathroom. I thought more white pumpkins would do the trick but then I had no height; just a pile of pumpkins on the table.

“Well, I guess I just did not add enough white pumpkins. I’ll add some more white pumpkins.” Nope. I decided to remove all the greenery and white pumpkins from the dining room table, and use all my silver candlesticks, mercury glass votives, and break down the two floral arrangements I made from the first and remake a centerpiece in a silver footed bowl. 

Joann Fabric had a 70% off sale and I purchased eight mercury glass pumpkins, one for each place setting. I stacked all the small white pumpkins on a silver stand on the foyer table and called it a day. I was not thrilled with my final product but at that point Christmas decorating was right around the corner so I just walked away and left the table as is.

FALL 2020

Unlike last year, decorating for fall was not a new idea, so I planned ahead. During the past few months I have been purchasing fall and Christmas decor from the 2019 season from stores like Pottery Barn, Ballard Designs, Williams Sonoma, and Macy’s.

This wreath from Ballard Designs is what inspired the citrus theme. Technically, this is winter decor but orange season begins in November so I am calling it fall decor (it was a really good sale).

I purchased oranges and eucalyptus picks from Hobby Lobby to continue the theme of the wreath and stems to the table and china cabinet.

I think the first thing I purchased was the glass pumpkins. These are still available at Pottery Barn. I purchased seven pumpkins (one extra large, two large, two small, and two mini) for the price of one extra large pumpkin during a 70% off sale. I thought about using string lights inside the pumpkins but I had candles, so I used candles. Recently, Pottery Barn had another sale so I picked up two more mini sized pumpkins.

I found these plates at Macy’s for half price and they are still available. The napkins are from Pier 1, purchased during their going out of business sale.

I decided to put the mercury glass pumpkins I purchased last year in the china cabinet and on the foyer table. I used the two citrus stems that match the wreath on the foyer table.

I can happily say that this year, I am pretty satisfied with my fall tablescape. The white pumpkins are being utilized on the back patio. The floral stems in the centerpiece and arrangements from last year are the only things that I did not reuse. I tend to trade floral stems with my mom so I’ll probably just give them to her.


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