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Christmas Decor Preview

I have a few more Christmas projects to finish. While taking photos around the house, I noticed a few alterations I need to make. The front door wreath is too green and needs to coordinate with the garland better. The gold tree still needs some work too. The house is way too tall to attempt lights so I purchased a spotlight from Lowe’s.  It prevents the lights on the mini trees from looking like they are just randomly floating on the front porch.

Back in September we hung the new porch light. I love it but I wish I had made Matt to clean the glass before we returned the lift we rented because it is covered in his fingerprints-haha. It is the small size of the Calisse 4-Light Pendant. It is huge so I cannot even imagine what the large version looks like in person. I forgot that I was supposed to paint the front door and replace the doorknob back in October. That project along with landscaping the front yard will be moved to January or February depending on the progress of the half-bath remodel.

I used all the older Christmas decorations outside on the back patio and in the den. Our sofa finally arrived and it is very nice and hopefully our den will actually be used now.

The red and silver tree is in the den, directly in front of the window above the front porch. The tree is filled with picks and ornaments that I have collected over the past eleven years. My mother and I found red and silver ornaments after Christmas last year at TJMaxx. I purchased some greenery, red berries, red ribbon, and red picks this year.

This garland was a donation from my mother. I took two pieces, twisted them together, and added cedar stems throughout. I added my trusty eleven-year-old pinecones and some glittery red balls (a donation from my grandmother).

I also added greenery with red berries on some of the frames on the gallery wall.

And here is the trouble tree. I did not have any gold ornaments, picks, or ribbon. I had some silver ornaments left over so I just needed to find gold accessories. I have redecorated this tree three times (pictured: the second time). I am still not 100% happy with it but I do not want to keep buying stuff for it right now.

I am still working on my dining room table floral arrangement and decor.


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