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Christmas Patio: Farmhouse Style

During past holiday seasons, I purchased a lot of burlap and rustic Christmas decor to use along with my collections of pinecones, acorns, cotton stems, galvanized buckets, and magnolia stems. Since I am no longer decorating in that style inside, I decided to use the the rustic Christmas trees and burlap on the back patio.

I found Christmas pillow covers similar to the fall covers I recently purchased and a cute doormat to layer over the tan woven rug.

All the burlap string trees came from Target’s dollar section. The darker brown trees came from Hobby Lobby. I am sure they have something similar now. Unlike the fall decor, the Christmas decor does not match Colter’s sofa cushions but the mix doesn’t bother me.

I hung the magnolia wreath on the back door and placed a mini Christmas tree wrapped in burlap material inside a decorative bucket next to my potted mint plant. I really hate that strange blue door and I am hoping to replace it and the door frame soon.

We are eventually going to make a sign similar to this but with interchangeable seasonal themed accessories (Christmas, Fall, etc.) to hang on the door to the garage, but for now I have just hung a plain traditional wreath.

I also found a cute Christmas garden flag.

I will be decorating the front of the house next. I added some eucalyptus picks and garland to a previously made wreath and found some pretty garland to put around the front door. I am going to attempt to spray paint a concrete urn to house a mini Christmas tree. I completely forgot that I was supposed to paint the front door last month. I guess I need to do that too.



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