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Master Bedroom & Bathroom

Like most of the rooms in the house, I would like to paint the master bedroom and bathroom.  In real life, the walls and curtains look like a similar tan color but in photos the walls look really dark and yellow-toned.

This room is also a mix of new and old. The blue and white plates, headboard, dresser, and nightstand were given to me by my aunt (they came from my grandmother’s house) and the other items were acquired over time. The rug came from Pottery Barn and has been worth every penny. The chairs are from Wayfair. The cream garden stool was purchased through Walmart’s website.

A few of the blue and white plates were purchased from Replacements Ltd. I have a love/hate relationship with TJMaxx/HomeGoods (they are always so messy) but a lot of things like the pillows, lamps, and some of the blue and white ceramics were purchased there.

Hanging these plates was a mathematical conundrum. I drew out what I wanted and measured the plates. My husband measured each plate, the proposed distance between each plate, the distance between where the plate holder would meet the picture hanger and the top of the plate, and then drew everything in AutoCad. There was way too much math involved in this project. During the install, I just walked away and left it to the math guy.

This picture is one that I decided to re-frame and mat a couple of years ago. I found a new 16 x 20 frame and had double mat made. The frame is actually a grey brown with a little metallic sheen. The mat is ecru and the inner mat is called “Tuscan Brown.” I think Matt’s mom found this picture at a garage sale. It appears to be really old. I purchased the picture light from Amazon.

I originally purchased a runner and small rug for the bathroom. The cream stripe was a little more peach than I anticipated but what really drove me crazy was the fringe. The rug itself did not handle foot traffic well so I recently purchased this navy and rust rug. I think the colors flow better between the bedroom and bathroom now and I am hoping this rug will handle traffic and wear better than the previous rug.

The Japanese print and orchid came from my grandmother. I put the orchid in a blue and white pot from TJMaxx and added some moss.

Eventually, I would like to get plantation shutters for the bathroom window and replace the tub. I removed the apothecary jars and moved some of the blue and white ceramic vases and jars into the bathroom.

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