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Nine Years

Monarch Way will soon celebrate its ninth anniversary. Compared to the plethora of home and lifestyle blogs that currently exist, this blog might not look like much but it means a lot to me. I used this blog to document life in our very first home, a decor style evolution, two moves across the country, and our first home purchase. This blog has also served as my personal database for tried and true recipes and fond memories.

My very first post was the documentation of a minor home improvement project. We replaced the old linoleum floor in the hallway. I forgot to take a “before” photo but I vividly remember the harvest gold. We then painted the kitchen and the guest bathroom. As a receiver of many hand-me-downs, I remember purchasing the book, Design Sponge by Grace Bonney and could not wait to try the painting techniques and crafty home projects inside. I painted an old desk that belonged to my mother-in-law and a 45 year old kitchen table and chairs that belonged to my grandparents (that I am still using) in proper “Design Sponge style.”

This blog began before lighting kits, high quality photos, and sponsorships were the norm. This was back before everyone had Photoshop or deluxe photo editing tools on their computers. Phone cameras were not that sophisticated either.

This was when posts consisted of images with cutesy text (like an online collage or dream board). You would add descriptions or “Before” and “After” at the bottom of the photos you displayed. A couple of years later, enter Instagram. I regrettably overused those filters and borders for few years.

I’m looking forward to all the projects we have planned for the rest of the year. We are working on the front yard flower beds, landscaping the backyard, painting the front door, and installing a new kitchen faucet. I am sure I will think of more things to add to the list. I will be sure to document everything.

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