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Summer Updates

Time really does fly. We have lived in the house now for almost 9 months. We have a few more projects planned for this year, which include replacing the light on the front porch and finishing the backyard drainage project. I would also like to replace the backdoor and door frame.

It has become clear that Colter has no interest in the swimming pool. We decided to take down the black mesh fence left by the previous owners and the wooden fence Matt built that surrounded the pool. Colter got his own pool.

We had all three of the tall palm trees removed. Matt also completed phase one and two of the drainage project. In addition to installing pipes and drains that that tie into the French drain and remove rainwater from the backyard, he also repaired the sprinkler system, moved and replaced all the rock on the other side of the pool with sod, and removed the metal fence blocking off the left side of the house. The backyard looks much better.

Phase three and four of the drainage project will focus on installing pipes and drains in the middle and on the right side of the backyard. These phases will also include lifting the pool pump and storage shed, pouring a concrete slab to replace the rock walkway, and laying sod.

We purchased a table and chairs a while back. I found some cute outdoor pillows recently and finally found an outdoor pouf.

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