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More House Updates

The next project is the backyard drainage, fence, and yard. The upstairs living room is coming together. We just need to purchase a sofa and a media cabinet. We will be replacing the light fixture on the front porch next month but no other electrical improvements are planned right now. Here are few updates.

We have never had palm trees. They have proved expensive to maintain. They make for a pretty view from the pool, but I’m not sure if the view is worth it.

Wicker Accent TableOutdoor Rug
Just Chillin’ PillowHome Sweet Home Sign

Three Piece Bistro SetOutdoor Rug

Dragonfly Garden FlagFlag Stand

Lucca ChandelierPiedmont 4-Light Lantern

Rust Tribal Medallion Temptation Rug / Cambria Sapphire Rug

The guest bedroom has finally come together. The room is rather small with high ceilings so originally I wanted a canopy bed but my mother pointed out that it was too small of a space for that kind of bed. I think the room looks nice and satisfied with how it turned out.

Light Blue Mystic Medallion Waverly Rug

Black HeadboardThrow PillowsCoverlet

Brass LampAudubon ArtworkOne Drawer Side Table

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