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New Home Updates

We have made a lot of updates to the house. New plugs, plates, light switches and light fixtures have made a huge difference. Touching up paint on the walls, doors, and cabinets, installing new toilets, cabinet knobs, new door stops and air exchanger covers, plus deep cleaning the tile and grout, wiping down the walls, and many other projects have kept us busy. I still need to paint the bathroom cabinets, install a new backdoor, paint trim and the ceiling, but for now, the inside projects are at a stopping point.

Lucca Chandelier I Table Runner I Silver Chargers I Chinoiserie Napkins I Rug

After extensive shopping for a floral arrangement for the dining room, I decided to make my own using green hydrangeas, white peonies, and white roses I purchased previously.

Piedmont 4-Light Lantern
Gold Frame I Thin Gold Frame

I was not crazy about the gold gallery wall in the living room so I took those pictures down and hung them separately in the hallways.

Picture Light

Our focus is now on the outside of the house. We (my husband) has already completed a number of outside projects, but we definitely have more. He recently built a swing frame for the swing he built a few years ago that I am going to stain. I am pulling up and replacing plants in the flower beds in the front yard and I am sure I will find more projects to add to our list.


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