Christmas In Our New Home

We moved across the country recently. After many months of searching, we purchased our first home. Purchasing a home and moving was an exciting and exhausting experience but thanks to our family, realtor, and broker, it was a smooth transition. Not much planning went into decorating. As we unpacked the moving boxes, I would place the Christmas decorations. After a few days and moving decorations around, I settled on these arrangements, at least for this year.

Decorating for next Christmas will definitely require additional decor purchases, as our living space almost tripled. I originally started with pinecones, acorns, magnolia leaves, and silver and mercury glass decor.

A couple of years ago I added burlap to our Christmas decor as well as placing our Christmas tree in an antique galvanized tub. Eventually I’ll pick a theme but for this year, I worked with what I had. My mother did bring me more garland and my aunt and uncle gave me another Christmas tree. I have inherited a lot of Asian pictures and decor from my grandmother as well as a large amount of chinoiserie ceramics from my aunt and grandmother so I tried to combine that decor with the Christmas decorations I already had.

The only furniture we have purchased so far was an antique buffet. The person I purchased the buffet from removed the original drawer pulls before I picked up the piece so I had find replacements. I purchased four antique knobs from a seller on Etsy which look fine for now.

My aunt and uncle gave us a dining room table, chairs, and china cabinet. I am looking forward to purchasing new Christmas decor for the dining room.

I am looking forward to decorating next year.

TJ Maxx // Macys // Lowes // Hobby Lobby // Michaels // Joann Fabrics


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