Christmas Wreaths and Things

Faux Magnolia Wreath // Lead Window // 2″ Burlap Ribbon // 2.5″ Burlap Ribbon

This is the fourth winter that I have not had access to magnolia leaves. I can’t handle another Christmas without a magnolia wreath so I finally decided that fake is better than nothing at all.  It is definitely not the real thing but for $24.99 ($49.99 with 50% off) it works just fine. Eventually, I am going to invest in this one. I found the old lead window at an antique mall in North Dakota.

Artificial Tree // Round Wicker Basket // 12″ Natural Burlap

This artificial tree was prelit and I got it on sale at Target for $13. You get what you pay for-out of the box, I noticed two limbs were detached, there were not enough lights, and it is definitely not as full as is shown on the website. So I took the poorly distributed lights off the tree, wrapped the base in burlap and plopped it in this round wicker basket.

Artificial Unlit Christmas Tree // Apothecary Jar With Lid // Silver Christmas Tree // Mercury Glass Ornaments // Hurricane Vase // Hand Soap // Ralph Lauren Cream Bath Towels

The apothecary vase, silver Christmas tree, hand soap, and hurricane vase came from TJ Maxx. My mother gave me the mercury glass ornaments years ago, and I have no idea where to find those exact ones but Hobby Lobby normally has a lot of mercury glass ornaments. Five years ago I gathered acorns and pinecones and have been using the same ones ever since.

Glass Cloche // Cotton Stems // Jar Candle

The candle is made by DW Home and the scent is Silent Night. I found it at HomeGoods a couple of years ago and the company no longer carries that particular scent but I did find an alternative which I like better, however the alternative is much more expensive. The glass cloche and one cotton stem ($.69) came from Micheal’s. The other cotton stem came from Hobby Lobby ($5.99 using 40% coupon). I really would like to have a cotton wreath like this or this.


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