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Tea With Milk

I know the English do it and many Americans (like my friend Carolyn) but the thought of putting milk or half and half in tea really confused me for years. However, I recently decided to give up coffee and drink all the tea I keep buying but never seem to drink. Here are a few teas I’ve been loving and a few others I tried.

Teas With Half & Half or Milk


Twinings English Breakfast Tea

I learned from Anglophenia that English breakfast tea with half and half (or milk or whipping cream) is delicious. I of course use two Splendas. They refer to tea with sugar and cream as a “builder’s brew.” I also learned dunking a digestive biscuit is also amazing! You can also get those digestive biscuits at World Market.

Republic of Tea Strawberry Chocolate


You’ve probably seen this tea on a post or two before. However, add two Splendas and a little half and half, and you have a whole new experience. This is my dessert. I also drink this without sugar or milk at night because Rooibos is naturally caffeine-free.

All black teas are probably great with half and half. The Holiday Tea from Harney & Sons Fine Teas provides a very similar feel to coffee for me.


Teas without Half & Half or Milk

Twinings Jasmine Green Tea and Green Tea & Lemon


The Jasmine Green Tea was nice and soothing. Not too much flavor but a nice replacement for my coffee addiction.


I love green tea. This Green Tea With Lemon smells nice and fresh. It tastes clean and refreshing.

Stash Green Chai Tea


The Stash Chai Green Tea smelled like chai but had no taste. I don’t recommend this one.

Good Earth Sweet & Spicy Tea

Good Earth Tea

My “tea with milk friend,” Carolyn gave me a sample of this Good Earth Sweet & Spicy Herbal and Black Tea. It reminded me of Big Red gum. I used one Splenda and drank it hot. It was pretty good. If you like cinnamon and orange you would enjoy this. It would be a nice alternative to coffee even though it is caffeine free because the flavor would definitely wake you up.

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