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Crustless Personal Pan Pizza

photo 5

I found this idea online and it really simple and good. It definitely satisfies the craving of pizza when you are dieting. With just a pepperoni topping, this is a great no carb option.


  • 1/2 cup mozzarella cheese (or enough to fill the bottom of your pan)
  • 7 pepperoni slices


1.  Place a small non-stick pan on the stove and fill the bottom of the pan with a layer of cheese. I use about a half cup or a little more in order to cover the bottom of the pan.

2.  Heat on medium heat.

3.  Once the cheese starts bubbling around the edges add your toppings. I just use pepperoni.

photo 1

4.  When the edges of the pizza get brown, remove the pan from heat and allow pizza to sit for a couple of minutes.

photo 2

5. You can use a spatula to remove the pizza from the pan but mine usually just slides right out of the pan onto the plate.

photo 4

6. Cut it with a pizza cutter and enjoy.


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