Cross Country Skiing


So, we tried cross country skiing recently. We had one lesson and I decided that I wanted my own equipment so I could go anytime. This new activity has made winter and all this snow much more enjoyable. I have been meeting up with Ann, a lady Matt works with, to ski durning late afternoons and at lit courses at night. This has also been a really fun way to burn lots of calories. Unless you constantly climb little hills (in the winter the local golf courses serve as cross country skiing, skate skiing, and sledding venues) and then slide down them, cross country skiing (or Nordic skiing) is very different from downhill skiing and more like exercise (gliding, climbing, walking, maneuvering). However, like downhill skiing (or Alpine skiing), it isn’t difficult to do, you just need balance. Unlike downhill skiing, you don’t need as much courage because you aren’t constantly encountering big slopes, getting to a super fast speed, and I am pretty sure you aren’t going to accidentally find yourself on anything similar to a black diamond course.

These are from the day of our lesson. Here is a great example of why you need your own equipment. The poles they gave me were twisted and I had to constantly fix them. See the one on the right?

photo 3

photo 5

photo 2

photo 1


photo 2

photo 1

2 thoughts on “Cross Country Skiing

  1. rhetoricaldevices says:

    This looks like SO MUCH FUN!! I love downhill skiing but my heart doesn’t like altitude very much, plus I’m better at falling than actually skiing (but I swear I look REALLY GOOD when I fall) – this looks like a great alternative! Now I don’t know when I’m coming to visit… winery time or skiing time!

    (FYI the answer is both.)


    • monarchway says:

      I bet you do look great falling. I haven’t fallen due to going down hills. I have fallen because my ski got off the tracks on flat ground when I had some good momentum. Yes, this activity has made winter less icky. Both is good.


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