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Arm Knitting

photo 2

During the holidays my mom and I started talking about arm knitting (which apparently all the kids are doing these days) and figured out that regular knitting is for the birds. After watching this video DIY Arm Knitting – 30 Minute Infinity Scarf, we learned how to arm knit pretty quickly. We watched a few other videos as well and determined that this girl did the best job of showing the technique. My first scarf took a little more than an hour. The more I did, the faster I got. The first scarf I made, my mom helped and we did two loops and I believe ten or twelve stitches. It is more like a neck blanket which is great for me but may be too much for a southern winter.

Here is the first scarf (two loops, ten or twelve stitches) modeled by my horse.

photo 1

Here is scarf number two (one loop, eight stitches).

Here is scarf number three (two loops, five stitches).

photo 4

Here is scarf number four (one loop, ten stitches).

photo 3

So far all I have used is this fuzzy super bulky (6) yarn. Next I will be trying the yarn that looks more like rope. This has been a good indoor project (it is -60 degrees outside). So far it looks like you can get two one loop scarves and one two loop scarf out of the two balls of yarn you use. After making a few more scarves I think I want to try to make a blanket and because I can now wear hats (because it’s -60 degrees outside) my next project may be making this Slouchy Beanie Hat using a round knitting loom.


    • It is so easy and fun! Check out that YouTube video I linked to in this post and try it out! You need 2 balls of 6 (super bulky) yarn which is can be a little expensive compared to 4 (medium) but you can probably get two scarves out of it.


      • Thanks! I am going to have to learn how to do this soon.. I think I have some of that yarn already from a crochet project so I might be good to go!


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