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Thanksgiving Steps 4-7


I made some changes to my Thanksgiving menu. I chose to use my other mother’s (Pam) macaroni and cheese recipe which included eggs and milk and I decided instead of using one kind of cheese I would use three (parmesan, fontina, medium cheddar). I actually did some of these steps out of order. I did step 4 about a month ago after step 1 and 2. I did steps 5-7 before step 3 . For step 5 I printed out my detailed recipe list I typed up and made a shopping list. So Monday I went grocery shopping for Thanksgiving, step 6. I bought all my ingredients including my turkey breast. My mom suggested that I cook the turkey and mix the dressing tonight (Wednesday). Currently, my turkey is in the oven resting in a pan of water and finely chopped celery and onion. Once the turkey is done I will use the broth left in the pan in my dressing mixture (my mom’s tip and recipe) of cornbread, white bread, and poultry seasoning. I went ahead and made my cranberry sauce. The recipe made a huge batch which got me thinking, could I use the mixture as a pie filling or as a spread on toast? I completed step 7 by grouping all of my unrefrigerated ingredients and dishes together out on my counters.

IV. Do I Have Enough Casserole Dishes And Other Baking Utensils?
I needed more casserole dishes but I didn’t realize it till I went to the kitchen clearance section in TjMaxx. I found two pretty blue dishes for $10 each and decided to buy them and assess my baking situation at home. Turns out I really did need those dishes so I kept them. 

A. Buy what you need
B. Prep yourself, get in a digging mood, and go to TjMaxx and look at their clearance kitchen stuff because they have tons of things.
C. Go back to your recipe list that you typed up and indicate where and in what the recipe will go in (i.e. Macaroni and Cheese: blue oval casserole dish).

V. Make A Shopping List

A. Print out your detailed recipe list you typed up.
B. Make a shopping list.

VI. Go Shopping

VII. Night Before Prep
So what I plan to do once I go shopping, the night before Thanksgiving I am going to group all of my unrefrigerated ingredients and dishes together out on my counters (obviously not in the way of my cooking areas). This way I can see everything and not lose focus. So everything (including casserole dish) for macaroni and cheese will be all together and ready.

A. Organize your ingredients and containers.
B. Set out your detailed recipe list you printed out.








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