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Christmas Wreaths

magnolia wreath

The magnolia wreath is on the front door.  Word to the wise: don’t mess with this wreath too much because it will drive you nuts. As a perfectionist, I have to just walk away. Use a regular wreath and shove the magnolia branches inside. You can use the pieces of the regular wreath to wrap around the magnolia branches if you need to secure them.

This year I have four greenery vine wreaths. One in the living room, one in the foyer, and two in the dining room. Use leftover branches from your real tree or purchase fresh greenery and use the vines of the wreath to secure them by twisting the branches underneath the vines. You can purchase vine wreaths, but I made these with my mom from the scupadine vines my dad cut for us last year.


  1. Stephanie Jackson says

    Love the wreaths! Are you having ‘wreath making 101’ classes at your house?? 🙂 Did you make the twine trees too?


    • Hi! A class would be fun but they are so easy to make that the class wouldn’t be very long! 🙂 Those trees came from Hobby Lobby but I bet we could make some!


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