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Time For Tea

I love the Republic of Tea. I also love getting their catalogs. Reason one: the catalogs are beautifully  designed and I appreciate well-designed goods. Reason two: they have a great marketing stragety-they always include a free sample of tea inside. Well, it is time for another tea review. I have two different kinds of tea to discuss. The good news: one kind was great! The bad news: one kind was horrible. Now, when I say horrible, I mean it is bad but on a scale from good to black-eyed peas or olives (the worst things in the world), I would still rather drink the bad tea.  Black-eyed peas and olives are the most horrible tasting things I have ever eaten. I wouldn’t even call them “foods” because they are so disgusting. Anyways, let’s start with the good news.

The Comfort and Joy Black Tea was so good. Of course I sweetened my cup but I am sure unsweetened would be just as good. As described by the Republic of Tea, this Holiday Spice Blend features flavors of the holidays: cinnamon, cloves, apples, and licorice root blended with fine black tea. I highly recommend this tea.


Now, the bad news. The Orange Ginger Mint Herbal Tea was very disappointing. The Republic of Tea states this After Meal Herb Tea includes ginger  which is spicy on the tongue yet soothing to the digestive system. Mint has power to calm a stormy stomach with sweetness. This herb combo with its orange bergamot mint creates a lusciously fruity cup. Well, if you want to sooth your digestive system, be my guest but do not drink this expecting a luscious fruity cup. It tasted like the smell of the custodian’s bucket of soapy water at my elementary school. All I could think of while attempting to drink it was the big yellow mop bucket on wheels rolling down the hall.


I think my next purchase will be the Cuppa Chocolate Teas and the Pumpkin Spice Black Tea, which was a sample I received previously.

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