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Tea Experiment Continued

In June, after my friend Carolyn introduced me to soy chai lattes, I started trying different flavored teas. By the way, soy chai lattes are awesome. I get mine cold with a shot of espresso. This tea exploration I embarked on only included trying teas cold. The reason: it is really hot here, especially from May to the first of September. All summer if I drank coffee, it was iced coffee (with flavored creamer and sweetener) and if I drank tea, it was sweet iced tea. In July I posted reviews of a flavored green tea and a flavored black tea that I ordered from The Republic of Tea. I also mentioned in the posts other great teas that I liked cold like Lipton’s (regular and diet) Green Tea with Citrus and Bigelow’s Plantation Mint tea. Well, it is October now and it is cold. I have started drinking hot black coffee (I weened myself off of creamer) and hot teas. Here are my recommendations for hot teas. Again, I am from the South and though I am weening myself off of sweetener, I still use one packet of Truvia or artificial sweetener in every cup I drink.

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