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DIY Bracelet

Here is an idea from Honestly WTF found on Pinterest. Follow the instructions on Honestly WTF. But instead of leaving the ends loose to tie, I sewed on a toggle clasp. Don’t tie a knot at the end, instead pinch the end of the braid and using a needle and thread secure the end. I wrapped the thread around the end and stitched through the twine. Place one part of the clasp on top of the wrapped and stitched end and wrap and stitch the clasp on. Untie the knot you originally made at the top of the bracelet to start braiding and repeat the same securing process. Before securing the ends measure the bracelet on your wrist and make sure it’s kind of snug because the cotton twine will stretch and cause the bracelet to fit too loose.  You may have to add braiding at the top to make sure the clasps sits correctly on your wrists. I also doubled the suggested amount of twine, using two 36 inch strands per section. The thread is narrow and doubling the sections helped to create a thicker band.

You will need:

-Instructions from Honestly WTF
-6 Yards Cotton Twine cut six pieces (one yard each) for each section of the braid
-18 hex nuts (I used 8-32 size. With smaller hex nuts you may be able to use only three strands.)
-Tape (I used tape on the ends of the strands to help push the strands though the hex nuts.)

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